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Sean & Karly McGraw

My husband Sean and I have been breeding since 2005. We originally bred the Dogue de Bordeaux and are quite proud of the improvements we made to the breed. Our line achieved multiple AKC Grand Champions titles and remains a part of some very successful breeding programs in the U.S and abroad. However, as much as we love the breed, our hearts can't take the short life spans and stuffy noses that come with each furry family member. We started researching various breeds and their associated traits - for better and worse.

We decided on the Labradoodle and gave it a shot. I am a firm believer in visiting the kennels and meeting the parents,  grandparents etc. before making a decision. Being a breeder myself, let's just say it took some time to find the perfect doodle!

At first we were a little worried about how hyper Madisyn was, but she was so sweet and great with my boys and so so smart!  We didn't like her long snout though:) She is 75% poodle and you can definitely tell. We then decided to get her a playmate and went on the search again, this time for a Golden Doodle mainly because we liked the way they looked over the Labradoodle. Enter Zoey to the family. 

They may both be doodles, but they are completely different! I kept thinking if they were just combined into one dog, it truly would be the perfect breed. This kept running through my head for three years! 

I finally listened to the little voice and went back to the original breeder for a stud. 

Enter the Double  Down Doodle. The perfect cross between a multi-gen Labradoodle and a multi-gen Golden Doodle.

Double Down Doodles
labradoodle puppy for sale


Madisyn is a F1b Labradoodle. She is 75% standard poodle and 25% labrador retriever. Her coat is wool and she is hypoallergenic. She is also EXTREMELY smart. She has been very easy to train and knows a variety of tricks thanks to our son.  Maddie is a great watchdog and will not let strangers (human or animal) in the yard without voicing her concern. She prefers to observe new people for a bit and then welcome them into the home with a smile. Yes, she smiles and shows her perfect teeth:) It is quite funny because when she smiles she also sneezes. 

golden doodle puppy for sale


Zoey is a F1b Golden Doodle. She is 75% standard poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. Zoey is the princess of the family. She loves to cuddle and play. She has a curly fleece coat and is hypoallergenic. Zoey LOVES water and will have fun with it, no matter where or when.  She is quite smart, but more in an intuitive sense. She does not like to sense her humans upset and will act accordingly - unless there is butter to be found. She loves butter and thinks it is definately worth upsetting her Mom.

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